Posted on: February 28, 2023 Posted by: Elizabeth M. Comments: 0

Perhaps schedule is a word that conjures the rote and rigid nature of a youth spent at school, or an annoying alarm clock pulling you from the comfort of sleep. Perhaps schedule brings to mind a packed elevator, busy morning highways or long lines for morning coffee.

Is it a coincidence that many of these ideas have a common denominator? Angst. Stress. Anger.

The topic of the modern schedule is something that we will be touching on this week. Our schedule is something that seems to slowly develop over the course of our lives. Most of our schedule is determined by things outside of our control, such as our job, our morning routines, our distance to our jobs etc. These factors which come upon us throughout our lives end up creating the structure of our schedule. Yet the oddity is that, while most of these procrustean vestiges were unintentional, they end up defining our lives.

Your schedule runs your life.

Yet I am here to tell you that you should dictated your schedule.

Now I know that you cant control, perhaps, how far your commute to work is. Yet, if you have a long commute, you can control what you do on that commute. Meditation. Audiobooks? Calling friends and colleagues.

Being intentional about our schedule can have vast effects upon our physical and mental health.

Throughout the next week I will be interviewing different figures to help shed light on the importance of schedules and how they can be tweaked to improve ourselves.

Task for the day; add something(anything, big or small) to your daily schedule that will make you happier or proud.